Welcome to my web site .. Continued I can’t make this introduction to the site into a complete autobiography so will cover the last  30 years even more briefly by mentioning simple highlights and topics such as the groups  and organisations I’ve been involved with and some of the projects that have occupied my  time. Inner work has included Trancendental Meditation, Arica, Druidry, Reiki Integral  Psychology, Process Oriented Psychology, Taoism, Buddhism and Ken Wilber’s Integral  Psychology. The Oak Dragon camps and Mayfield Group meetings have been significant parts of my life  since the mid 80’s. Synectics and communication in Talking Stick circles has led to my  strong belief in the capacity of properly structured sharing groups to resolve problems and  find concensual agreements. Running parallel to these things other interests have been work  on lost Roman roads and canals, the archaeology of pre Celtic boats and housing,  sundialling, labyrinths, astronomy and astrology etc etc. As much as possible of all this will  appear in the various “pages” of the site and some will be inferred from the interconnections  between them. I’ve run workshops and taught some of this material in lectures and informal meditation  groups. Other elements have been published in special interest magazines but most of it has  moved with me from house to house in files and cardboard boxes waiting for the right  moment to see the light of day. Well, like dawn on the winter solstice at New Grange, light is  shining into the inner chamber. I have a sense that, from time to time, some of these ideas  were more of an inspiration than the result of painstaking research. Yet, elements like the  Stonehenge “0” work took years of revisiting and tramping round the countryside to verify  the initial concepts. Luckily insights come when the prior groundwork has been done.  Copious reading, integration of different fields of enquiry and, to some extent, lateral  thinking is required. There’s plenty of that here.  Along with the written research and information there are images of various sorts,  photographs, diagrams, pages from the notebooks and pictures of the rugs I’ve been making  over many years, mostly one rug per year. Each of them can and many have formed the basis for a teaching workshop with the rug on the floor and the group sitting round it. Sometimes I  describe them as pretty diagrams but they actually embody a lot of thinking and research  work condensed into symbolic form. That’s another area of interest for me and the  fascination of symbolic communication systems has created another of the branches on my  Lifetree. They often help to clarify complex belief and thought patterns and also act as  mnemonics for more complex associations.  Stemming from my work with the astronomical elements in henge monuments and  megalithic structures I’ve become increasingly interested in the way these sites have  alignments with calendrical significance built into them. Clearly this gives them ritual  significance. The piece on the Star Goddess at Avebury developed from wondering about an  observation southwards across the henge to the top of Silbury hill from a scoop in the bank  beside the northern entrance. All the work on “Stonehenge O” started from the simple sight  of the midsummer sun setting over the “mountains” above St David’s in Pembrokeshire. At  Danebury the whole vision of the ring of horizon markers for a ritual calendar was sparked  by wondering why the earliest Bronze Age users of this hilltop site had put up metre wide  posts close to the tumulus by the eastern gate of the later Iron Age hill fort.   There’s a lot of fun to be had from picking up threads of information and seeing where they lead. Like Ariadne’s clew for Theseus in the labyrinth they can lead to the heart of a mystery. © Jon Appleton 2010 Click here to contact Jon