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The Ogham Stonhenge Rug.

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Jon Appleton

Now I’m sharing them with you as well. Some of the diagrams , poems and bits of text here come from the cards and I’ve added some brief notes to give a clue to the meanings and symbolism of the rugs but as I mentioned each of them can act as the basis of both a lengthy talk and discussion. Perhaps I’ll expand the texts or be encouraged to talk about the images elsewhere.
These rugs have been created for many years now, at a rate of less than one a year, for three main reasons.
Firstly to encapsulate in visual form ideas that have interested me, many of which are tackled in this website. Secondly to have a diagram which I can use as the basis of a workshop. Many of these are in a circle of people sitting on the ground in a circle in a tent and I like the informality and matter of factness of a carpet that can be walked on. Thirdly the rugs formed the basis of Yuletide cards that I sent to family and friends each year
Megalithic Insights               						Jon Appleton
from the 1970’s
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The Two Year

Moon Cycle Rug.

Mid Winter/Summer Sun rise/set.

Two year Moon Cycle
Yggdrasil Oracle
The Spiral of the Ages
The Sacred Geometry & the Cycle of the Year Rug
Megalithic Insights               						Jon Appleton